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- Terms and Conditions -


‘Event’ means an event conducted at the Venue; whether it be a meeting, exhibition, live entertainment event or function;
‘Hirer’ means an entity licensed to use the Venue to present the Event;
‘Manager’ means The Newcastle Station as the manager of the Venue or any of their respective agents;
‘Patron’ means any person who enters the Venue at any time whatsoever, whether as the holder of a ticket or otherwise;
‘Venue’ The Newcastle Station

Special Conditions of Entry During Public Health Emergencies

By entering the Venue, Patrons acknowledge that there is a risk of contracting COVID-19 and the Venue owner, Manager, and Hirer do not guarantee that it is or will remain a COVID-19 free area. The Patron assumes all risk for any loss or damage caused in this regard while in or around the Venue. By entering the Venue and providing the information, each Patron authorizes the Venue owner, or Manager to collect and store a Patron’s personal data, who may share it at any time with relevant authorities for the purposes of contact tracing.

Patrons may be denied entry to, or removed from the Venue for any failure to comply with a direction or request from the Manager, Hirer or relevant health authority, including but not limited to, additional health and temperature screenings or subsequent failure to meet satisfactory results from those screenings, or failing to adhere to any social distancing, hygiene practices or other processes, as deemed appropriate by the Manager or Hirer.

To continue to protect one another and stop the spread of COVID-19, the Australian Health Department advises that patrons should "get tested and stay at home if experiencing cold or flu symptoms".

During the Event, Patrons must remain within their allocated event space to minimise unnecessary movement throughout the Venue, and only contactless payments will be accepted for the Event.


The Station Newcastle (‘Venue’) and Port to Paradise (‘Hirer) are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors, patrons, delegates and team members.  These General Conditions of Entry are applicable to all visitors, delegates, patrons and team members attending the Venue and are subject to change without notice, based on specific event requirements in the sole discretion of the venue.

  • Any person entering or attempting to enter the Venue without prior authorisation or not in possession of a valid ticket to attend an Event, will be liable for prosecution.

  • Tickets sold, purchased or used in breach of the terms and conditions of sale may be cancelled without refund or the ticket holder may be refused entry.

  • If a Patron holds a ticket acquired in breach of the terms and conditions of sale, including being purchased at a premium or from an unauthorised point of sale, the Patron may be refused admission to the Venue.  Patrons purchasing tickets via a third party seller (reseller) in excess of 10% of the face value of the ticket, are liable for prosecution.  Any issues with tickets purchased via a third party seller (reseller) must be referred to their original point of purchase.

  • A Patron holding a ticket purchased for a ticketed Event at a concessional price must produce their proof of age, or documentation justifying the concession, when the ticket is presented for use or entry.

  • Patrons who are late for an Event may not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the Event.

  • The Hirer is responsible for all aspects of an Event. All complaints and claims arising out of or in connection with an Event, including but not limited to, admittance and seating at the Event, shall be directed to the Hirer.

  • If under the legal drinking age, a Patron shall not attempt to purchase and/or consume any alcohol at the Venue. If of legal drinking age, the Patron shall not consume such quantity of alcohol which would be unlawful. As the Venue is a licensed premises:

  • Alcoholic beverages must not be taken from the Venue.

  • No external alcoholic beverages will be permitted entry to the Venue.

  • Intoxicated and/or disorderly persons will be refused entry or evicted from the Venue.

  • Alcohol may not be permitted inside the Venue.

  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and/or consume alcohol.

  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for, or to supply liquor to a minor.

  • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to Police.  Penalties apply under relevant State legislation.

  • Patrons are required to be aware that once inside the venue lighting levels may vary.

  • Patrons required to show a valid identification (ID) as proof of identity must produce one of the following:

  • A valid Passport with a photograph

  • A valid Australian Drivers Licence

  • A valid State Proof of Age or Photo Card

  • For the safety of Patrons during the course of an Event, strollers, capsules and prams may not be permitted entry into the venue.  Patrons will be directed to the Cloakroom to have the pram, capsule or stroller cloaked.

  • Port to Paradise is strictly an over 18 event

  • In accordance with the Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000 No.69, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Venue except for those specifically designated as a smoking area.  Smoking includes the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic imitations or simulation devices. Patrons who fail to obey a direction from authorised person/s to cease smoking, may be immediately evicted from the Venue.

  • By entering the Venue you consent to allowing the use of your image in relation to artist content and/or promotional purposes.

  • Patrons are responsible for their own personal possessions and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time.

  • Events at the Venue may involve a level of recreational risk associated with a crowded environment, which may result in personal injury from time-to-time.  All patrons purchasing tickets or attending events at the Venue are asked to assess their own risk prior to entry.

  • Moshing, crowd surfing and any activities that are deemed to be dangerous may result in your eviction from the event and Venue.

  • All Patrons must wear appropriate attire for a public place at all times, including footwear.  Any clothing with lewd or offensive writing, images or imprints may not be worn at the Venue. As designated by federal police Port to Paradise reserves the right to determine whether attire and footwear is appropriate to access the Venue.

  • A Patron shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event without the authorisation of the Hirer and Venue. If the Patron makes such a transmission, description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event which is subsequently confiscated by the Hirer or the Manager or their agents, it shall become the property of the Manager.   The Manager, the Hirer, their agents and licensees may utilise the Patrons image or likeness incidental to any photographic record, live or recorded video display or any other visual or audio transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the Event.

  • Patrons voluntarily assume all risk of all damage and loss - including property damage, personal injury (fatal and non-fatal), economic and consequential loss - whatsoever and howsoever arising (including by negligence) at the Venue including damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other Patrons including employees, agents or licensees of the Manager or Hirer or any other person or thing present at the Venue.  The movement of Patrons within the Venue and its surrounds will be subject to the monitoring by CCTV cameras.

  • For safety and security purposes, Body Worn Video Cameras (BWVC’s) may be in operation at the Venue. BWVC’s may film, photograph and record audio of any Patron while at the Venue.

  • Medical Conditions - If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry medication (i.e. Epi-Pens, insulin pens, syringes etc.) or if you have a medical insert such as a pacemaker, please let security personnel know upon arrival. The Venue has an onsite First Aid team, should you require medical assistance or observe someone you believe requires medical assistance, please advise a Venue team member immediately. The Venue has a duty of care to its Patrons and staff and may escalate a medical incident to the State Ambulance Service if they determine they are required.  Should any Patron require or receive medical treatment while at the Venue, it is imperative that the Patron take all reasonable steps to notify the Manager of the circumstances of the incident and the treatment required or received. The Manager will keep a record of all incidents and treatments, which will be handled confidentially and sensitively. At all times the overriding priority is the health and safety of all Venue staff and Patrons.

  • Any person wearing any 'Colours' or 'Insignia' signifying belonging to any of the Outlaw Motor Cycle Clubs (OLMC’s) or other group as designated by Police, is prohibited from entering, or being in the Venue. This includes coats, T shirts, scarfs, waistcoats, caps, patches etc that indicate a person belongs to any of such OLMC’s or groups

  • Any person found interfering with the emergency equipment of the Venue, throwing objects to endanger other patrons or team member, damaging seats or any other equipment or assets of the Venue will be removed and if deemed necessary, police may be requested to press charges.

  • Patrons may not bring animals into the Venue other than an assistance animal in the company of its registered owner.  Service animals must display a companion vest/lead for ease of identification.

  • Patrons of the Venue must not solicit, display, attempt to sell or distribute any goods or advertising, promotional or political materials (or similar) to any other person.

  • The Hirer and the Manager reserve the right to refuse admission to, or eject from, the Venue without compensation, any Patron whose conduct is, or is deemed by the Hirer, the Manager or their agents, to be prohibited, unlawful, dangerous, disorderly or offensive, or who is not entitled to attend that Event – including those who enter a restricted access area such as the field of play, performance areas or any other area deemed as restricted by the manager or hirer, or other areas of the Venue which is not accessible to the general public, may be subject to eviction, prosecution and/or fines may apply under relevant legislation.​

  • The Hirer reserves the right, to add, withdraw or substitute Event participants, and to vary seating arrangements, audience capacity, venues or program times as it deems necessary, and the Hirer's exercise of this right shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Hirer or the Manager.

  • The Hirer or Manager may cancel, delay, interrupt or stop the Event due to dangerous situations, adverse weather or any other causes beyond its reasonable control, and such cancellation, delay,  interruption or stoppage of the Event shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Manager or against the Hirer except, in the case of the Hirer, for and limited to a ticket for a replacement Event if scheduled or a refund of the appropriate portion of the base price of the ticket if the Event is cancelled and not subsequently rescheduled.

  • No refunds or exchanges are offered except in accordance with applicable laws and where expressly stated on the ticket. Refunds are made in accordance with the Live Performance Australia Code of Practice for Event Ticketing in Australia.

  • A Patron who breaches these Conditions of Entry may be denied access to or evicted from the Venue and/or be banned from attending future Events at the Venue.  A Patron may be asked for identification for the purpose of enforcing these Conditions of Entry, including prosecution or other law enforcement purposes. 

  • Patrons must not enter restricted areas without appropriate accreditation or approval from the Manager. Restricted areas include the field of play, performance areas or any other area deemed as restricted by the Manager or Hirer. Violators are subject to eviction and/or prosecution under relevant trespass legislation.

  • By entering into the Venue, a Patron consents to these Conditions of Entry.

Prohibited Items

Unless expressly authorised by the Manager, possession of the following items is prohibited at the Venue:

  • All professional cameras (those with detachable lenses or telephoto lenses);

  • Audio/visual recording devices;

  • Selfie sticks, monopods and tripods;

  • Drones or other remote controlled devices;

  • Broadcasting or transmission equipment;

  • External/Commercial food and drink. Patrons are permitted to enter with a limit of one (1) sealed 600mL PET bottle of water, per person, except when there is a ‘Full Decant’ policy in place for any given Event;

  • Alcohol and e-cigarettes;

  • Illegal or illicit substances;

  • Chewing gum;

  • Large spiked wrist or neck bands, spiked or studded belts;

  • Knives, weapons, scissors and chains;

  • Lasers and laser pointers;

  • The Manager has the right to review content and has the right to refuse lewd or offensive material of any items or clothing entering the Venue;

  • Fireworks or flares;

  • Bicycles, skateboards or skates;

  • Animals (excluding service animals); and

  • Any other item deemed by the Manager in its absolute discretion, to be inappropriate, illegal, unsafe or hazardous in any way.

*other than for medical purposes.

The Manager reserves the right to, at any time, add items to the prohibited items list.
Patrons with any items found to be in breach of these Conditions of Entry may have the items confiscated, be given the option of securing the item themselves, or allowed to utilise the Venue’s Cloakroom facilities.  All items checked into the Cloakroom will be subject to a security search prior to cloaking

Liquor Licence
Patrons entering the Venue you are advised that:

  • The Venue is a licensed area / premises

  • Intoxicated persons will be refused entry / evicted from the Venue / Licensed Premises

  • No external alcoholic beverages will be permitted entry to the Venue / Licensed Premises

  • Alcohol may not be permitted in parts of the venue during some events

  • The following forms of ID are acceptable within the Venue:

    • A driver’s or rider’s license or permit (issued by an Australian State or Territory or any foreign country)

    • Australian passport or a foreign passport issued by another country

    • NSW photo card (issued by Roads and Maritime Services NSW)

    • Proof of age card issued by a public authority of the commonwealth or of another State or Territory for the purpose of attesting to a person’s identity and age

  • It is an offence for minors to purchase or consume alcohol

  • It is an offence to sell to or supply minors with alcohol

  • Checking procedures will apply at all entrances to prevent prohibited items from entering some events

  • Drinks are required to be decanted into approved plastic cups for some events

Refusal of Entry
For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all patrons, Port to Paradise Management reserves the right to:

  • Refuse Entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly

  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons

  • Refuse entry of items which have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance

  • Refuse entry to any person who purchases an event ticket from any unauthorised source, including a ticket scalper

  • Refuse entry to any person who presents an invalid ticket

  • Refuse Entry to any persons wearing 'Colours', ‘insignia' or pictures signifying belonging to any Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs (OLMC's) or other group as designated by Police

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